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Sep 6, 2012 1:00pm PDT
presidential nominee, michael dukakis. dana. >> that's right. i am standing here with somebody who is one of the few people in the world who knows what it's like to give the kind of speech that barack obama is going to give tonight. governor dukakis, thank you. he's here with his wife, kitty. thank you very much. so, first of all, just for the most people who don't know what it's like to give a speech accepting the nomination for the democratic party, what is it like? >> well, it's probably the most important speech you'll make. at least up until the time you're nominated. fortunately, i hit it pretty well in atlanta. i was also nominated by bill clinton, which was that famous long speech of his which he gets kidded about all the time. and i thought he was terrific yesterday. but most of us who are nominated have made a lot of speeches. but this one is very special. and you really want to do very well at it. >> what do you want to hear from the president tonight? what do you think is important for him to get across? >> well, i want to hear three things though we heard them very impressive
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Sep 4, 2012 11:00am PDT
. mcgovern, mondale, kerry, and, of course, michael dukakis. oh, michael dukakis. if only you had let america see you dance. last night's emotional highlight, the dramatic appearance of senator ted kennedy who apparently arrived in denver via scooner. despite having brain surgery less than two months ago he looked great and delivered an impassioned speech that brought the house down. even the most jaded political observers were impressed. >> the kennedy thing is the most emotional i have ever seen. >> you're going to be moved by that -- you couldn't be a human being, i don't care if you're a democrat or a republican. >> i don't care if you're some kind of bizarre alien from a distant planet with some kind of a bizarre alien -- some sort of being with a funny-shaped skull and no hair on your head, a kind of snapping turtle face with yellow-tinted glasses because the light spect rup down here plays tricks on your mind and you've got to have special features to hide your alien face -- ah, ah. >> jon: still, an emotional highlight that set the stage for the main speaker last night, michelle obama
FOX News
Sep 10, 2012 6:00pm PDT
of the day. let's take a look back. july of 1988, you have michael dukakis ahead of bush. 55-38, 17-point lead. you got 1980, carter over reagan, this is september 1980, four-point lead and went higher than that after that. how do you interpret the polls now. the single most optimistic person in terms of romney winning this of anybody i know, why? >> i'm one of the only people that talks on tv that is a pollster, made my living to doing it. there are three sources of distortion in these polls you are looking at. the first is this is the first election when turnout matters. romney doesn't get any black votes, only a few latino votes. obama did very well among college students, poorly among the elderly. it makes who you are demo graphically. while many of these polls like rasmussen use likely voters, what they then do is weight the sample so it reflects what they believe the turnout is going to be. >> sean: 2008 model versus the 2010 model. >> so for example, russ mass seven has obama ahead 49-45. rasmussen assumes 13% black vote. historically it's 11, it was 13 in 2008, it was 11 in '10. i
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Sep 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
a picture of willie horton. it nailed michael di dukakis. >> a convicted murderer gets a weekend pass. >> furloughing, exclusively michael dukakis' vote. weekend furloughs to first-degree murderers never supposed to be let out of prison. but no, no, no, michael did you dukakis with the admiration of the aclu vetoed it. first liberals lie about furlough policy. when that doesn't work, they call it racist. >> sean: in many ways we've allowed this narrative to build and build. whenever there's a high-profile case, you go back to o.j., rodney king. you mentioned the more recent one, trayvon martin, the duke lacrosse case. in every single case a narrative gets advanced and moved into the political arena. >> right. >> sean: what have we learned from all of these cases? there's step by step, what is happening? >> what we've learned is everyone, blacks especially, are better off when the white guilt bank is shut down, as it was for more than a decade after the o.j. verdict, and liberals kept trying to push the racial narrative in their newspapers and tv. americans weren't buying it. they were
Sep 10, 2012 7:00pm PDT
an alternative. that isn't generally a formula for victory. mike dukakis lost. how cruel of him to remind anyone. >> let me stand up for mike mike dukakis because he was specific in what he wanted do. voters don't necessarily care about policy details or minutia but they care about the appearance that their leaders have a mastery in policy details. i think what's alarge some swing voters is the sense that romney just doesn't have that at all. and when the george will raising alarm he won't tell anything about the deductions that he'll do away with, he won't tell us anything about the loop who else, voters interpret this is this t is not a guy who is serious about running the country. >> just for perspective now, four years ago, president obama, then senator obama, was two points behind john mccain, september 10, 2008. barack obama two points below john mccain goes on to win. let's take a look at convention bounces over the years going back to 1988 with michael dukakis. he got a 7 point bounce, bush got the bounce. bill clinton got a 16. that went against president bush's 5-point bounce. 3 points
Sep 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
looked good against reagan after the convention and dukakis had a lead against bush. we all know how those races turned out. >> back to work on capitol hill. congress was back in session and lawmakers have a full plate. with the election less than two months away, it is expected congress will only act on one thing, making sure the government does not partially shut down on september 30. it's believed most will head back to their districts to campaign for another term. the senate is expected to have a shortened september schedule. >> sentencing has been delayed a for a former d.c. chairman. instead of next thursday, brown will be sentenced on november 20. he is facing up to one year in prison for bank fraud and campaign finance violations. straight ahead this evening, a lawsuit in the case of a hospital worker accused of spreading a deadly disease. >> we will show you how virginia is making it easy to skip a stop at the toll booth during your drive. >> a murder mystery has a community looking for ask -- looking for answers and investigators looking for help. >> like today?
FOX News
Sep 17, 2012 1:00pm PDT
are reminded again and again, dukakis led for a while, and george bush sr. and the famous rape question in the 1988 debate. react to this. >> governor, if kitty dukakis were raped and murdered would you favor a death penalty for the killer? >> no, i don't. >> he gave a very academic response, and it sealed the deal. but, it does remind us, again about the debates and how mitt romney could, or could not, change this dynamic. >> neil, the reason people tune in the tens of millions is because even though they memorize a lot of the lines there are still unscripted moments. people are surprised by what the candidates do or don't do. sometimes a zinger will change people's minds, a sound bite, a gaffe by a candidate. or just a general impression how a candidate did. these things are more important than we give them credit for. they are not just cheering secretarieses. they really can make a difference for whatever portion of the electorate remains undecided. >>neil: we will go through some real quick polls here and this
FOX News
Sep 4, 2012 1:00pm PDT
dukakis, and billionaire investor and personal products maker, all a cast of characters, with coverage you are not seeing anywhere else. we told you abut the debt eclipsing $16 trillion level, to south carolina congressman, who confirms you are not better off than you were four years ago, you are deeper in debt than you were four years ago. a lot deeper, right, congressman? >>guest: absolutely. the country is deeper in debt. you look back at inauguration day the debt was $7 trillion, and today we eclipsed $16 trillion of debt. if they call him a centrist president again i will turn your name to "jack." one thing is without question, we need mitt romney in the white house. that's it. >>neil: do you think, the argument that the democrats have against mitt romney is that if you think his tax cuts and whatever plan he has is going to make things better, you hear from former cabinet members from the clinton administration saying it will make it worse. >>guest: that is false. this is in question, i think some of their strategy is to say the same thing over and over again, whether it is true or n
FOX News
Sep 25, 2012 1:00pm PDT
the controversy, commentators talk about the news story. on and on. we saw that. >>neil: it happened with dukakis in 1988. many people argue it cost him in the debate, if not the election. passion could come up if president obama he is too cool for school and the comment about "bumps in the road" illustrates that. >>guest: we have a circumstance while you would think that controversy in the presidential campaign would be something that reporters and news analysts would want to jump on, they tend to want to jump on it only this one direction. the controversy is by one person, and one person only. >>neil: to what end in if you are a reporter who likes to stick it to everyone. >>guest: they don't like to stick it to everyone. >>neil: that is now how it used to be. they went after mike dukakis. they were no friends of george bush. it was a gelden moment. i don't know if they do that in the upcoming debates. which brings back how the media will cover the debates. >>guest: that is a very interesting question. if it is not a knock out blow, if romney does not deliver a total knock out blow, the debate w
FOX News
Sep 17, 2012 4:00pm EDT
mondale laughed at that great come back. >>neil: we are reminded again and again, dukakis led for a while, and george bush sr. and the famous rape question in the 1988 debate. react to this. >> governor, if kitty dukakis were raped and murdered, would you favor a death penalty for the killer? >> no, i don't. >> he gave a very academic response, and it sealed the deal. but, it does remind us, again, about the debates and how mitt romney could, or could not, change this dynamic. >> neil, the reason people tune in the tens of millions, is because even though they memorize a lot of the lines, there are still unscripted moments. people are surprised by what the candidates do or don't do. sometimes a zinger will change people's minds, a sound bite, a gaffe by a candidate. or just a general impression how a candidate did. these things are more important than we give them credit for. they are not just cheering secretarieses. they really can make a difference for whatever portion of the electorate remains undecided. >>neil: we will go through some real quick polls here and this could startle some
Sep 5, 2012 1:00pm EDT
the nomination of michael dukakis as the 1988 candidate. [video clip] >> in closing -- [cheers and applause] i want you to remember -- i want you to remember when michael dukakis becomes president in november, the people of massachusetts and this country will observe the 25th anniversary of the death of john kennedy. that will be a tribute to the life and legacy of john kennedy. when john kennedy died, the difference of what is and what might have been. michael dukakis has spent his whole life working on the difference between what is and what might have been. that is why i am so proud to say that he ought to be president, and that is why i am proud to give me the name of the next president, michael dukakis of massachusetts. [cheers and applause] ♪ somewhere at this very moment, a child is being born in america. let it be our cause to give that child a happy home, a healthy family, it and a hopeful future. let it be our cause to see that that child has a chance to live to the fullest of her god-given capacities. [cheers and applause] let it be our cause it to see that child grow up strong an
Sep 28, 2012 5:00pm PDT
dukakis is asked this controversial question in his debate with vice president george w. bush. >> governor, if kitty dukakis were raped and murdered, would you favor an irrevocable death penalty for the killer? >> no, i don't. i think you know i have opposed the death penalty during all of my life. >> the public sees his answer as cold and dispassionate and that very night, his poll numbers dropped. during the 1988 vice presidential debate, republican senator dan quayle's comparison to john f. kennedy elicits this blistering response from his opponent. >> senator, you are no jack kennedy. >> body language plays a part in the presidential debate. in 1992, george h.w. bush deliberately looks at his watch and he pays for it when the audience and voters see it as disrespectful. body language makes a difference in the debate betweenl gore and george w. bush as well. gore sighs over and over again and bush, the underdog, surprises by winning the debate and of course, the election. both president obama and governor romney had seasoned debaters and experts say neither are prone to making major gaf
Sep 5, 2012 12:00pm PDT
a democrats name in.nomination. the first was michael dukakis. i'm kinds of amused because republicans are beginning their preemptive pushback against the clinton speech and it rests on the idea we like bill clinton. the 1990s were great and barack obama is nothing like bill clinton. i get a little smile on my face. it's almost like they didn't impeach the guy. why don't we get your thoughts up there on the big bill clinton speech tonight. >> i'm thinking about what is the it actual relationship between bill and barack. maureen dowd has an interesting thought in today's "new york times." it's not a bro man's, she says, it's a transaction. they're working together to help each other. ryan lizza has an interesting comment in his new yorker piece about the relationship between bram and clinton when he says this is a very clintontonian move. he pitched himself as the antidote to the clintonism, now presenting himself as the heir apparent. it's a tactical maneuver on obama's part. for me it recalls ted kennedy's support of fwhoem 2008 when the big han in the party came down and put his arm
Sep 10, 2012 6:00am PDT
's biggest hurdle in 1992 was part of proving he wasn't part of the carter, mondale, dukakis mold. it was that they were weak leaders, whether that was fair or not. he went out of his way. his whole campaign at times was proving that, whether it was the death penalty that he went ahead with, ricky ray rector, very controversial because of his mental status. all of that was designed to show that he was different than the old democratic party. the memory that the country might have had of the democratic party in the presidency. romney hasn't done that yet. we know he's getting a lot of advice saying he should do it, but he has struggled to figure out how to do that. keep an eye on that over the next couple of weeks. >>> after a five-week break congress comes back to work. it's sort of fake work. it's a very short session ahead of the election. they're up against a ton of deadlines but will they get anything done. joining me is nbc capitol hill correspondent luke russert. look, they may get one thing done but it's a punt and they may get a second thing done having to do with drought
Sep 28, 2012 10:00am PDT
in american politics was over. dukakis lost the debates to bush, in that sense it didn't have significance. >> mark, as someone who's watched all these debates and you've seen winners and losers, as we go into these next couple days and the preparations you see all the low balling, memo that came out, in the romney team and you saw john kerry's response today, who is the better candidate going? >> first of all let me say i cannot stand the setting of expectations. i find it ridiculous and i don't ever read those memos. it's insane. these are two pretty good debaters. governor romney has not done a high pressured one on one debate. and i think for all the talk of the fact that he may have done more presidential debates of anyone in american history not having high pressure one on one makes a difference. he's practicing and rob portman is a stand-in but my guess is if i was going to give the edge the president because between his debates with then senator clinton and debates against john mccain he's not going to have that hard swallow moment when he's out there dealing with the pressure. >>
Sep 10, 2012 10:00pm EDT
. mike dukakis was up 17 points. as far as i remember, mike dukakis didn't get elected president in 1988. he lost. so in these national polls talk to al gore. he won by over 500,000 votes in the year 2000 on the popular vote but did not win. i'm much more interested in the statewide polls, in the battle ground state, those eight states which are -- states, those eight states which are very close and in that president obama probably should feel a lot better. seven of those eight polls in terms of real clear politicians that obama is ahead. the only state he's behind in is north carolina. >> which ones do you think that it's looking like mitt romney and the republicans are kind of giving up on? >> a big state which is pennsylvania. even though there's real voter id questions there, which is on the ballot that you have to produce a voter id. so i'm a little skeptical of that one where they think they now have a shot being wisconsin, which was before it was not considered a battleground state and obama won it by 14 points. now polls are showing romney might win there. >> i think we all saw i
FOX Business
Sep 27, 2012 8:00pm EDT
everyone. you know, go after everyone, it is well going after michael dukakis for response, to bernie shaw about what would he do with if his wife were raped. it -- it used to go after jimmy carter who talking about how he consulted his 8-year-old daughter amy on nuclear proliferation it loved to get a gogot you with either party, now it seems, i'm not saying just right or left. but only the right, where they go for this when sometimes, it is obvious as all heck, both sides if you want to go there are giving you ample room. >> when i was in law school, james restin came to speak, during my freshman year, it was refreshing to hear him talk about journalism, yo you put our feelings aside, it is gone, your example with pacs is most recent, there is foreign policy, and the economy, what do you hear people talk about, any little improvement in the economy it is how story of president obama on the right track, and very little coverage of the 48 straight months of unemployment. neil: durable good orders sliding and housing industry not taking off, these numbers don't get the coverage, i think say
FOX Business
Sep 28, 2012 7:00pm EDT
and democrat. >> gallop had michael dukakis leading by 17 points but lost by 17.5%. he was tied with clinton in october although he one. one pollster questions the assumption made from today's polls. >> they assume you have the same high level of african-american, latino, yo ung people from 2008. >> david axelrod said polls are widely different in the methodologies so to think they are all wrong. but this is a close race. as we have always predicted. >> the race is not over. it can go back and forth 34 times. met romney half's to create the moment of. >> in the past races were the lead was cut or flipped it is roughly 5% and some cases it was the debate that moved the nidal. lou: our congressional correspondent. thank you mike. 1992 in depended candidate ross perot entered the first of october and ended up 19% of the vote. and special prosecutor decided to influence the outcome to take caspar weinberger with the iran contra affair to lead the way for william jefferson clinton. >> this is called art and to be funded it. we will talk about art to and religion and money and politics. two weeks
FOX News
Sep 2, 2012 10:00pm PDT
that believes in the american dream. >> the 88 democratic convention bill clinton was selected by dukakis to deliver the major address. >> clinton went on and on and the delegates got restless and there was booing. but the end of the speech -- he said in closing all of the delegates ceased that moment stood up and actually cheered. the convention is part of the tapestry, the background of democracy. >> that was marvin cowl reporting. a tennis great not ready to bid a fond farewell to the game he loves. andy roddick coming through again at the u.s. hope. he said he will retire after the tournament in new york city. we will see. >> tennis star andy roddick not retiring yet. he has a lot of tennis left. he continued with a win. in his second straight victory since announcing he would retire after the final match of the tournament. he served up 10 aces including this one in the victory column. i love his shoes. >>> high school football you know we love it in the fox report. tonight florida. what one girl managed to do this past week is nothing but historic. erin is the first girl in florida h
FOX News
Sep 11, 2012 2:00am PDT
dukakis das to 48 bush 41. he and bill o'reilly talking about where voters stand right now. >> it looks to me like an extraordinary number of americans are not locked in yet. i think the debates may galvanize that. there are a lot of people who you go out you ask what the issueings are they go the economy but they don't know what romney stands for as opposed to president obama. it seems to me the electorate are getting dumb error more apathetic. >> when i think both parties are worried about is voters are getting so disillusioned from politics and politicians they have tuned them all out. it is not entirely clear to me who that helps most. there is a certain presumption with a sitting president. it's an advantage but goes along with the burdens of the record you may be carrying, too. it is part of what counts for president obama's boyian see. they don't think this other guy could make a difference because they don't think anybody can. >> first of the debates october 3rd in denver. >>> it is time now for your first degree weather update. maria molina has chilly temperatures in the northe
FOX News
Sep 29, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. >> in 1988, george bush managed a huge swing. gallup had michael dukakis leading by 17 points after the democratic convention, but lost to bush by 7.5%. in 1992, the incumbent president was down nine points in mid-september, tied with bill clinton by the end of october, though clinton eventually won. a former clinton pollster is questioning the assumptions being made in today's polls. >> these polls are assuming that you have the same high level of african american, latino, and young people vote in 2012 that you had in 2008. >> obama campaign senior advisor david axelrod told fox, "public polls are widely variant in their sampling and methodology so it's hard to case when they all point in one direction they're all wrong, but we are planning for a close race as we always have." another democratic strategist offered this assessment -- >> the race isn't over. look, this thing can move back and forth three or four times between now and november 6th. if i'm romney, you try to create that momentum. he saw a sign to do it. >> of the eight presidential races in the past 10 where the leads
Sep 6, 2012 5:30pm PDT
on michael dukakis, two other guys, harry rubenstein and larry byrd, have been on a mission to save the party swag for posterity. >> to me this is really what democracy is all about. >> reporter: harry and larry are in charge of preserving political artifacts at the smithsonian and every four years they go on a road trip to the primaries and conventions making sure all this history doesn't get swept away with the confetti. >> i'm looking for something that is almost iconic, you know, a piece of americana that is representing an individual's activism. >> reporter: in charlotte this week they convinced some delegates to send them their glitzy hats and shirts and donkeys aplenty. >> it would be a real honor to have them in the collection. >> oh, really. >> it would be an honor? >> how many of these do you have just generally? >> about four. different designer outfits. >> reporter: and while clint eastwood's now famous chair certainly caught their eye -- >> i can't tell him to do that. they regret they don't have room for it. most of what they do have more than 65,000 pieces of memorabilia stored
Sep 6, 2012 2:30am PDT
famously didn't go so well. his nominating speech for michael dukakis ran 33 minutes. clinton got the biggest cheer of the night when he said "in closing" signalling an end to that epic speech. last night's speech by the way, 15 minutes longer than that one at 48 minutes. and now for the real news, let's check in wour man russian president vladimir putin as he adds to his long list of staged adventured. remember these classics showing off his physique while fishing shirtless in siberia in 2007. saving a television crew by tranquilizing a wild tiger. there was his treasure hunt in the black sea last year when he recovered an urn dating back to sixth century bc. they had planted the artifact so he could discover it. his judo skills were put to the test during a training session in st. petersburg and now yesterday, a new level of crazy. he climbed onboard a motorized hand glider to lead a group of young endangered cranes, birds, on their migration to central asia. putin was dressed in a white costume meant to imitate an adult crane. this is the president of a nation. local news repor
Sep 28, 2012 2:30am PDT
to lose the convention state was michael dukakis. he failed to carry georgia in 1988 despite holding the dnc in atlanta. >>> let he is gather around the water cooler to watch a special thursday night election season edition of "saturday night live." and in this sketch, president obama takes questions from the audience at a campaign rally in ohio while many voters down in the dumps over the job market watch the president look for something that they can all agree on. >> hi. i got laid off in 2009. i still haven't found a job. i don't want to vote for romney. but i really thought things would be better by now. >> real change takes more than one term. or even one president. i don't know if it will even happen in eight years. might take 12. frankly, i might be long dead. who here has a job? there we go. there we go. what do you do, sir? >> i'm a manager at burger king. >> and where were you four years ago, probably working the counter, right? >> i was a vice president for bank of america. >> oh, okay. the point is that today you're a manager at one of america's biggest companies. that's
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 184 (some duplicates have been removed)